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  1. ED SHAHEEN says:

    how much do you charge per bit to sharpen

    • brednane1981 says:

      Hi Ed,
      It really depends on the tool. If it’s a drill bit we typically don’t resharpen drill bits as it is more economical to buy a new one as drill bits are pretty cheap as far as cutting tools go. If it’s a milling cutter that we manufactured it depends on the quantity and the complexity of the tool. Can you send me more details?

  2. Peter Juncker says:

    More of an inquiry, as a member of a high school robotics team.

    We use flanged bearings for everything. To get the right size, we just use a step drill. It’s only 1/8″ aluminum most of the time, and is usually is inconsistent. I read a few posts about reamers, and I was wondering if a proper reamer would be worth it.

    Again, we are putting bearings in thin wall aluminum tubes. We try for a snap fit to varying success. Is a reamer even effective in thin walls? Should we get a proper sized reamer or adjustable? Also, is it just easier to deburr it to size?

    Peter J.

    • brednane1981 says:

      Hi Peter,
      By using a reamer the size of the hole will be more consistent then when using a drill. A reamer may be effective in a thin wall but it depends. If the wall is too thin the reamer may break though the side. A proper sized reamer will cut with more consistency than an adjustable as a fixed diameter reamer is more rigid. Also a right hand spiral fluted reamer would be best. A reamer would be better than just deburring it to size. So in summary your best bet would be to try a right hand spiral fixed diameter reamer and to use appropriate speeds and feeds for aluminum.