keep-calm-and-ask-me-questionsTwo years ago, we began a research project to expand our horizons and to find new ways to reach out to our customers, both new and long standing. Through our brainstorming we looked at and investigated the various ways other businesses were reaching out their customers and found, surprisingly, that in our industry of cutting tool manufacturing not much more than the traditional methods of consumer interaction was being employed. This presented a challenge to us, as there were not many templates or outlines that could be studied. It was not about trying to copy someone’s work, but rather looking at what Business X did and comparing it to what Business Y did and then trying to improve and tailor it to our own styles.

This led us to social media. We begin the process over and again, we found very little. Sure, we found that big companies had their social media platforms and interactive websites. They were beautifully designed and elaborate, but something that a small business like us would find difficult to relate to. So we decided that if we wanted to try something new, we would have to blaze our own trail.

We wanted to be able to provide a forum to open up new avenues of communication that anyone person, not just our customers, could talk to us. We wanted to be available to answer technical questions, offer helpful tips for our cutting tools and the projects you are working on, and provide insight into the status of manufacturing in our country and the state of the manufacturing industry. We want and encourage students to ask questions and use our knowledge. It wasn’t just about putting our name out there, but also about giving back to the community through education and assistance. We wanted to do our part to help manufacturing continue to grow.

I am proud to say that after a strong two year start, we have done exactly that. We created a blog site ( with a large and growing collection of topics from tool performance to the power that manufacturing can provide to our economy.  We have also established a presence on the top social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkIn – to allow for even greater reach.

Now we are here to ask you: What do you want to hear from us? What can we do to help you? If you or a friend or colleague is having trouble with tooling or has a question about tooling manufacturing, let us try and help you. Our blogs are meant to provide you with resources to improve your manufacturing, lower your costs, and increase tool life. So what’s on your mind?

Chadd Brown
Super Tool, Inc.