Every generation seems to mark its place in history by doing or creating something that has such an impact on society that it is changed forever. Just going back 150 or so years: the railroad, the automobile, flight, the creation of rockets, space exploration, the internet, and cell phones (to name a few). All of these -and all the offshoots that these milestones have brought with them-have molded and shaped our way of life as we know it today. Which leads us to ask the question: What comes next?

Part of what has kept the United States near the forefront of the global economy has been the exportation of these technological revolutions. Technology can come from all over the world, and many young, creative future entrepreneurs come to the U.S. to collaborate with peers and compete with rivals to develop their new ideas. This spurs the manufacturing industries to ramp up production, which then drives up growth. While the manufacturing part of the equation has struggled over the past few decades, with the outsourcing of work to low costs areas – most notably Asia – a new light is beginning to shine.

Technological innovation has always had a presence in the U.S. and it is what has kept us in the global chess game that is economic growth. And trends show that that innovation has not lost its footing. What has reemerged, is the middle class factory worker. He or she is not the same as they were 50 years ago either. They have new skills from education and advanced technologies. Manufacturing has begun to grow again and with it, a new idea of what American hands can create.

moon20landingThe biggest thing that is needed now: a goal. In the 1860s, faster transportation of goods and people across the country: enter the railroad. Further that a few decades and the car takes center stage for individual people. The end of World War I and during World War II, due to the need to create military advantages, aviation and rockets propelled people upward and took us to the skies. The race to put a person in space, let alone put a person on the moon caused the creation of NASA and with that a vast array of products were created, both large and small (say hello to cordless tools, LEDs, and the microchip). All of these things, plus a lot more, were created by the need to meet a goal. Satellites, cell phones, and television, all are great leaps forward and all revolutionized how we live our day-to-day lives. So what’s our goal America?

Understanding that all of the products and services that propelled modern life forward were not always American inventions or ideas or even thought of by an American person, it is the desire to do the next cool thing that drives the American spirit. After all, manufacturing – making things – is cool. Just look at the Hubble Space Telescope. The U.S. finds herself in a unique position where the next big growth spurt can happen right here in our backyard. So, what is going to be the next big thing to radically change the way we live our day-to-day lives? New methods of energy production? Cleaner energy? A mission to Mars? The cure for a fatal disease such as cancer? The possibilities are endless. What do you think is next great thing?

Chadd Brown
Super Tool, Inc.


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