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Posted: 23rd May 2012 by brednane1981 in Super Tool
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I don’t usually blog about why you should buy our products but there are a few key points that I think cutting tool users or purchasers should know about Super Tool that may help them out of a jam at some point.

 The first is semi-finished inventory.

 Why is semi-finished inventory important? 

 Semi-finished inventory can be used to make special non-standard sizes.   We pull the semi-finished tool off the shelf and grind it to your special size for a very fast delivery.  Some items are ground and shipped in 24 hours.  There is a no extra charge for this service. When you urgently need a tool this service comes in handy.

 Super Tool’s semi-finished inventory includes:

Shell Reamers
Milling Cutters
Slitting Saws
Counterbore Pilots
Core Drills
Keyseat Cutters

The second point is Super Tool’s inventory.

Super Tool has over 10,000 line items.  Over 95% of these items are in stock in finished and semi-finished form.  For example, Super Tool has 36 different types of reamers listed in the catalog and on the web site.  If by chance the item you need is out of stock we should have another reamer that can perform the same job in your application. 

Reamers in 0.0005” Increments

Carbide tipped and solid carbide reamers are stocked in 0.0005” increments from 0.0280” up to 0.7555”.  If your application calls for a reamed diameter that is a 0.0005” increment click the link above.  These items are on the shelf.

 The third point is Super Tool’s cutting tool expertise.

 Super Tool’s tooling engineers can help with anything from selecting the correct tool for your application, to speeds and feeds for running your tool, to quoting a special tool per your part print.  Give us a call (941-751-9677) if you need help with anything cutting tool related or fill the form on our Contact Us page.  Our engineers are happy to help.

 There are many other reasons to buy from Super Tool but I think that these three I’ve covered can really make a positive difference.

Bryan Enander
Super Tool, Inc.