Last week the federal government passed the new fiscal budget bill; a $1.1 trillion plan that was met with mixed reviews (so nothing unusual). While we can all applaud Congress for actually accomplishing something without throwing fists, shouting, or feet dragging – well these were kept at least to a minimum – it’s all the last minute additions that have gotten me upset.

Only the U.S. Congress can pass a bill while adding policies that have nothing to do with the bill, at a lightning speed that often rivals a snail. Along with our new budget – and I say ours because, America, it is our government using our money – comes a list of ridiculous add-ons that most sensible people would raise their eyebrows with an expression of WTF?

First and foremost, the bill loosens the belts of the banks and Wall Street by repealing polices that were enacted in 2010 under Dodd-Frank that aimed to reduce and prevent certain risky financial maneuvers that the banks used to sustain high profits. It also allows the banks to risk the entire U.S. economy – me, you and everyone (and possibly the world) – plunging right back into 2008. And if we follow our history notes, we can see that the banks are 1-0 in recent years at creating recessions when they are allowed to do whatever they want. But do not fear fellow citizen. Big Brother will be there to bail us (the banks and mortgages companies) out should something terrible happen.

The saga continues….

The new budget deal includes a ban on listing the sage grouse (see picture) for being listed as an endangered species so there will be no interference for upcoming oil-drilling projects. It also cuts funding to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Chalk that up next to global warming and you can hear them saying: we care about the environment, but only if it is in the interest of my wallet. The environment has only given us…well everything we have ever had (in the form of raw materials) including Mr. Senator, your money.

The budget bill requires the president and his administration to include white potatoes in a nutrition program for women and children. Moving on…

It prevents the vice president from getting a pay raise. This one I’m ok with. Nobody in government deserves a pay raise.

All-in-all this accomplishment of passing a budget bill on time turned into nothing more than a shopping cart for Congress to dump all their extra crap that they want.

It is because of this that I propose a new way of passing bills in Congress. Each bill (especially budgetary bills) should have to be presented to the public for approval before they take effect and nothing can be added to any bill that does not directly pertain to the bills’ purpose (such as funding the government). And if any politician tries to add something to the bill that has nothing to do with it, they should be fired on the spot. Come on America! Start making Congress actually work for us.  I welcome your comments.

Chadd Brown
Super Tool, Inc.