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Happy Memorial Day

Posted: 26th May 2014 by brednane1981 in Super Tool

  I could never imagine what it’s like on the front lines of war. The death; the destruction; not only of life, but of entire cities and ways of life. Not even the greatest movies can bring to us the feelings of fear, and loneness, and the thought that every step you take could be the last […]


The Role of the Company

Posted: 23rd May 2014 by brednane1981 in Super Tool
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Company Type of Ownership Number of Employees Wal-Mart Publicly held 2.2 million Apple Publicly held 80,300 JPMorgan Chase Publicly held 251,196 Eileen Fisher Privately owned 875 Joe’s Coffee Bistro* Privately owned 11 What do all of these companies have in common? They all have employees depending on them for jobs and wages. They all look […]