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Reaming Problem Solving

Posted: 17th April 2012 by brednane1981 in Reaming, Super Tool
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The first problem and probably one of the most common reaming problems is Poor Finish.  Possible causes include unequal chamfers, incorrect margins, excessive spindle runout, chatter, and insufficient cutting action.  Below is a table with possible solutions for each of the possible causes of poor finish: Possible Causes Possible Solutions Unequal Chamfers Regrind the reamer […]


Pre-Ream Hole Size

Posted: 6th April 2012 by brednane1981 in Pre-Ream Hole Size, Reaming
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The amount of material left in the hole prior to reaming “pre-ream hole size” plays an integral role in the quality of the reamed hole. The pre-ream hole size affects characteristics in the reamed hole including hole finish, hole straightness, tool life, and cycle time. There are several ways in which the pre-ream hole size […]