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Drilling With Coolant

Posted: 28th February 2012 by brednane1981 in Super Tool
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Drilling with Coolant There are many benefits to drilling with coolant. Directing the coolant through the tool to the cutting edge improves lubricity and reduces the temperature at the point of contact. Reduced heat build-up and improved lubricity lead to lower wear and tear on the drill that improves the tool life and reduces the […]


Drilling Speeds and Feeds Last week we talked about speeds and feeds in general.  Today we are going to focus specifically on drills.  Drills are one of the hardest working cutting tools. They remove more material relative to their size then any other cutting tool.  A reamer typically removes 2%-3% of its diameter; a core […]


Introduction to Speeds and Feeds

Posted: 14th February 2012 by brednane1981 in Speeds and Feeds
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Cutting Tool Speeds and Feeds In machining, “speeds and feeds” refers to the speed at which the tool is turning (usually measured in RPMs), and the rate (the feed) that the tool is being fed into the material being machined.  Speeds and feeds are important.  When optimized there is a greater chance of achieving the […]